Digital Marketing Pro Social Offers Responsive Web Design

With 0ver 10 years of experience, our web development team has created lovely, user-friendly sites for small businesses and major corporations. No two businesses are alike, and at Digital Marketing Pro Social, we understand the importance of maintaining existing clients, as well as pulling in new customers. This is why we focus on unique, industry focused content, subtle calls to action and interactive features to assist in building a relationship with current and all of your soon to be clients!

Industry focused content, interactive features, lead capturing tools, subtle calls to action and great looks are all key elements of a results-driven website. That’s what DMP,Social delivers.With our 97% satisfaction rate,choosing DMP,Social, would ensure that your website is being indexed from the search engines and online directories. We maintain and update your website when needed. Most importantly every website developed by DMP,Social is mobile responsive. So it does not matter how or what your customers are searching on when they find your website. Your website will format for any mobile device. DMP,Social offers both pre-designed , semi-custom and custom website solutions for all types of businesses.Our developers create websites that are user-friendly, giving our clients can greater control , flexibility , and client support . Most importantly, unlike our competitors you will own your website if you prepay or after 12 monthly installments. Ask your Digital Marketing Professional for details during your free assessment and web consultation, Responsive Website Design.

Mobile Responsive web is growing at an exponential rate. With new and improved advanced technology like smartphones, iPads, tablets and PC’s we no longer just go online. We are now spending most of our lives online. This is an indication that a tremendous opportunity for business owners who get ahead of the curve and tap into the mobile world will benefit the most. Be proactive make sure your website is mobile compatible and responsive.


Results-Driven Mobile Websites


Mobile users are often short on time and are multi-tasking while they’re on-the-go. Continuous research shows they’re action-oriented searchers looking for local information. Google states that 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information; 61% call a business after searching; and 59% visit the location. This is why it is imperative that Digital Marketing Pro Social make certain our mobile websites are optimized for conversions with the following mobile-aware features:

  • Appointment Request
  • Social Media Links
  • Quick Contact Forms
  • Automatic Device Detections
  • And more…
  • Additionally, each Digital Marketing Group Social mobile website includes valuable product or service education content, detailed business information, and much more, all within a mobile website that looks and functions much like a powerful app, including …
  • Office Hours and Location Details
  • Services Page
  • Site Search Functionality
  • Ultrafast Loading Speeds
  • Intuitive Site Navigation
  • Stylish Image Animations
  • Interactive Features
  • And more…

Here are some ways DMP Social can help you:

  • Your choice of pre-designed, semi-custom or fully custom web design
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Ensure your website is being indexed in major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! And Bing
  • Website submission to top online directories

When a potential customers locate your website and begin to review the content, this actively looking customer will choose whether to stay or leave in a matter of seconds. The customer’s choice heavily relies on two principle figures: the look and feel of your site, and the ease of navigation. If, the customer does not get a feeling of what your website is about, or cannot discover what they actually need – 9 out of 10 times most customers will proceed onward and look to a competitor’s site.Responsive Website Design.

By utilizing industry best practices and our team’s experience of restorative site configuration. Digital Marketing Pro Social, will furnish your business with a site that promptly catches the attention of potential customers. This invites your visitors to rapidly and effectively explore your services, starting with one area of the business, to the next with subtle calls to action. This will definitely help your business showcase all products or services that your business offers.
Our web designs will serve to:

  • Gain new and returning business
  • Present your expertise in the product or service that you provide